UNO Technology is an Australian based company that owns and is developing globally relevant carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions  from the use of fossil fuels. The technology has been developed over the last decade as part of the solvent capture program of the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC  a world leader in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS ) research) and is now being commercialized by UNO Technology.

These technologies  deliver cost reductions to key components of CCS capture processes with the focus being the UNO MK 3 solvent capture process.

UNO MK 3 is a closed loop absorption- stripping system that removes CO2 from industrial gas streams using a precipitating potassium carbonate scrubbing solution that operates in a highly efficient manner resulting in many benefits  over current technologies. These include low cost, low energy usage, low environmental life cycle impacts and the potential of revenues from products.

Having moved from research through lab based piloting and plant based demonstration and shown the benefits of the technology at large scale, UNO Technology has plans to further develop the technology with industry partners on the road to full commercial scale.