UNO Technology is committed to making a difference to greenhouse gas emission intensity and reducing the impact of anthropogenic climate change.

We believe this needs a balanced approach to low emission energy and that the solution will require the use of the full range of CO2 reduction techniques such as energy efficiency, renewables, nuclear, lower carbon intensity fuels and carbon capture and storage (CCS).  Furthermore we believe that dealing with emissions from fossil fuels through CCS will be a key part of the future energy mix and critically important in the transition to a carbon neutral future in the second half of the 21st century.

In support of these aims UNO Technology is developing a range of intellectual property that we believe will contribute to lowering the costs and thereby enhancing and accelerating the attractiveness of CO2 capture as a means to produce low emissions fossil fuels.

Our Vision is for…

UNO MK 3 to become the dominant CO2 capture technique – globally

UNO Technology is actively pursuing our work programs and is keen to engage with committed investors to progress these aims.