The technologies that form the UNO Technology IP portfolio first emerged in 2004, in the early days of the CO2CRC  capture program.

The driving force for capture research has always been one of cost reduction and that set the scene for the various program components.

The CO2CRC industry partners directed the solvents research towards understanding and improving of existing well-proven systems, rather than focussing on new chemicals development which has become the key research direction of many international amine solvents research groups. Moreover they urged the group to keep a close watching brief of the solvents area: to establish a research infrastructure for testing and be ready to identify and work on supplementary directions as they emerged.

This approach allowed the group to follow an alternative innovation process in which we began reviewing existing and, in some cases, previously superseded technologies in the light of the new paradigm and challenge of carbon capture.  This led us to examine carbonate/bicarbonate absorption technologies, which represent the lowest energy pathway for CO2 removal.  The UNO suite of intellectual property was born with the first provisional patent lodged in 2005.

Recognising that the road to cost reduction required a more comprehensive approach than simply the capture process, we identified the three cost reduction themes of (1)the process, (2)fit for purpose equipment and (3)heat integration. This developed into significant areas of research that led the world, particularly in the area of process and heat integration for CCS. Further provisional patents were submitted in all these areas over the period 2007 to 2010 and remain as key parts of the IP portfolio today.  You will note these three areas hold pride of place in our corporate branding.

Substantial laboratory testing, pilot plant demonstrations scale up and engineering design studies have been done over the period 2004 to 2014 and these have identified the opportunity for the UNO technologies to be highly competitive in the global capture market.

With the aim to advance the commercialisation potential of the UNO technology suite, UNO Technology P/L was formed in 2014.