Commercialisation of low cost, low environmental impact CO2 capture processes is UNO Technology’s mission.

We are pursuing this through developing and deploying our intellectual property in the three key themes of capture cost reduction;

  • Capture processes
    • Primarily our patented potassium carbonate solvent suite of processes – the UNO processes, and specifically UNO MK 3  process which uses a precipitating form of the  technology
    • These provide both capital and operating cost reductions
  • Process and Heat Integration
    • Predominantly operating cost reduction
  • Fit for purpose equipment
    • Capital cost reduction

Further details and benefits of the technologies are provided in each of the technology tabs and can be compared with the conventional benchmark solvent process used in industry.

We have broad patent coverage across four patents families and currently have 7 patents awarded in the USA, Canada and Australia with other jurisdictions proceeding.

The solvent technology has been extensively trialled and developed at various scales both in the laboratory and at actual power plant installations.  The current plans are to progressively scale up the technology as shown in the figure below.