Large Scale Single Stream Contacting Systems

Solvent Absorption – Concrete Column


A range of configurations, including that of a novel concentric single stream absorption/stripping combined column, which uses concrete and/or geopolymers as the materials of construction.


  • Enables the treatment of a large single stream of flue gas as concrete construction enables larger diameters than those available in steel
  • On-site construction along with lower cost material
  • Concentric design dramatically reduces equipment size, footprint and therefore cost by up to 50%
  • Concentric column design also provides good liquid and gas distribution and therefore improved absorption
  • Incorporation of geopolymers reduces the CO2 emissions associated with construction material production and presents the potential to use on-site derived fly ash material in construction
  • Columns built with or without lining as required for the specific solvent resulting in reduced corrosion potential

column approach


In addition to the two UNO solvents patents and that for process and heat integration, CO2CRC Technologies Pty Ltd has filed patent applications  in the equipment space. The fit for purpose equipment patent is a large scale single stream concrete column design for CCS. One feature of this patent is a concentric column design that combines the absorber and regenerator columns, significantly reducing the plant footprint and improving gas/liquid contact. This design can halve the cost of columns.

Two patents have been awarded for this technology one in each of USA and Australia

Concrete Columns Large [10]

  • PCT/AU2008/000664, awarded in Australia.
  • United States Patent awarded – Application No. 12/599751