Other UNO Applications

Solvent Absorption – UNO


UNO is a liquid carbonate solvent, which selectively removes carbon dioxide from both post and pre-combustion applications.  Trials have been completed in plant scale applications (see below)


  • Oxygen and high temperature tolerant
  • Environmentally benign with low volatility eliminating the need for a water wash column section
  • Very high temperature scrubbing in the pre-combustion application resulting in improved energy integration opportunities
    • Provides additional turbine output from pre-combustion applications
  • Production of valuable fertilizer products from feed gas impurities



UNO Technology P/L owns two patents families related to K2CO3 solvent processes and has the exclusively commercialise these technologies. The first patent “UNO” relates to a liquid K2CO3 process, which was demonstrated as part of the ETIS projects [6, 7]. The second patent “UNO MK 3” relates to the precipitating K2CO3 process.

Currently five patents have been awarded in three different countries.

UNO – K2CO3 system for Pre & Post Combustion Capture [8]

  • PCT/AU2006/001177, fully awarded in Australia (20062811992).
  • US coverage awarded for post combustion capture (7976803),
  • US coverage allowed for pre-combustion under US Divisional Patent Application No. 13/089952
  • Canadian coverage under Canadian Patent Application No. 2619097

UNO MK 3 – Precipitating potassium carbonate [9]

  • PCT /AU2011/000462,
  • Accepted under Australian Patent Application No.  2011242411