Process and Heat Integration

Process Integration


Multi objective optimisation and energy targeting methodology and software for use in all CCS applications. A powerful tool for optimizing the energy usage and economic (13, 14) performance of retrofitted and new build processes with CCS.


  • A holistic optimisation of the heat and material balances of the entire system, including the process/power plant, the capture plant and CO2 compression
  • Uses a thermodynamically rigorous technique to determine the optimal performance tailored to suit key performance indicators
  • Resulting optimal solutions reduce parasitic power losses, cost of capture and cost of electricity in power applications
  • Can be used as a consulting tool for screening CO2 capture technology options
  • Can be used in conjunction with any simulation tool, such as ASPEN Plus, HYSYS or PRO II



In addition to the two UNO patents families, UNO Technologies Pty Ltd has filed two patent applications related to reducing the cost of capture: fit for purpose equipment and optimised heat integration. These issues are highly relevant to the UNO MK 3 process.

The heat integration patent details a process and heat integration method for comparison, design and optimisation of CO2 capture systems within power stations. It uses a multi-objective optimisation approach to determine preferred capture operation parameters.

Process/Heat Integration – Method to help compare, design and optimise all capture systems with power stations [11]

  • PCT/AU2011/000689, pending.